Gwynt Glas Project Overview

Gwynt Glas is developing a 1 GW floating offshore wind farm in the Celtic Sea to generate clean energy and boost regional economic prosperity, while minimising disruption to the natural environment, local communities and sea users.

We are conducting initial development activities with the intention of obtaining an Agreement for Lease from The Crown Estate (TCE) in 2024. The proposed project could provide power for approximately 920,000 homes.


In July 2022 TCE identified five Areas of Search in the Celtic Sea from which 4 GW’s of floating wind project development sites will be competitively tendered in mid 2023.

The five solid coloured area blocks in the map are the Areas of Search, (1-5), identified by The Crown Estate in July 2022

On 10th October 2022, The Crown Estate published ‘Refined Areas of Search’. The original Areas 1 and 5 have been removed from current consideration, while five smaller areas have been identified within Areas 2, 3 and 4, after engagement with multiple stakeholders.

The five solid coloured smaller area blocks in the map are the Refined Areas of Search, (A-E), identified by The Crown Estate in October 2022.

Based on current timescales and if planning consents are approved, we anticipate Gwynt Glas construction starting in the late 2020s and the wind farm being operational in the early 2030s.


Grid connection

An important element of the project is how it is connected to the electricity grid so that the green energy being produced can be distributed to homes and businesses across the UK. Gwynt Glas has signed a 300 MW and 1 GW grid connection agreement with National Grid.

Technology selection

We are currently analysing which floating offshore wind platform technology and design is best suited to our project. The Gwynt Glas team is focused on being flexible and agile to adapt to the continuously evolving offshore wind development, technology and policy landscape. We are also committed to working with stakeholders and local communities to listen to their feedback.

Surveys and local engagement

We began remote aerial surveys for marine mammal and birds in Spring 2021. Early commercial fisheries as well as shipping and navigation consultation activity is underway, and we will roll this engagement out across key stakeholder groups and communities. 

Early stakeholder consultation is helping Gwynt Glas to:
1.  Understand the local constraints 
2.  Advance the project to the best possible position to accelerate the development process


Local supply chain

We continue to work collaboratively to support the development of key ports and grid infrastructure, address future sector skills needs and identify the use of regional supply chains wherever possible in South Wales and the South West of England. 

EDF has a track record in building out large scale infrastructure projects whilst maximising local benefits. We are currently building Hinkley Point C in Somerset. Welsh industry and people are playing a key role in building the new power station.