Pioneering partnership installs Reef Cubes to enhance marine biodiversity

22 May 2024
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Gwynt Glas Floating Offshore Wind Farm, a proposed renewable energy project in the Celtic Sea, is delighted to announce the installation of Reef Cubes at Falmouth Harbour in collaboration with Sea-Changers, Our Only World, and Arc Marine.


The 14 cubes installed on 15th May will provide a habitat for a wide variety of marine species, enhance biodiversity in harbour waters and engage the community on environmental impact and floating offshore wind developments. 


The Gwynt Glas project team’s aim is to maximise benefits where possible and aligns with the purpose of these biodiversity enhancing Reef Cubes. The design provides living spaces for fish, crabs, and lobsters, while the porous surface allows marine plants to flourish.


Mark Hazelton, Gwynt Glas Project Director said:


"We are proud to be partnering with Falmouth Harbour and marine focused charities, Sea-Changers and Our Only World, to deploy a sustainable biodiversity enhancing solution manufactured by Cornwall based company Arc Marine. This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to drive sustainable innovation and maximise local benefits. "


Reef Cubes are designed to regenerate fragile marine ecosystems. By accelerating reef creation and repairing ecosystems, it is possible to protect vital offshore installations and promote marine biodiversity. They are made from recycled aggregate and sand, a by-product of the quarrying industry.


Vicki Spooner, Environment Manager at Falmouth Harbour said:


"We are delighted to be installing Reef Cubes in our harbour. As its custodian, the health and prosperity of our local waters and its users is of paramount importance. Last year we installed Habitiles on the harbour wall and have witnessed their rapid colonisation. We plan to work with Exeter University to monitor the impact of our new Reef Cubes and encourage the local community to witness the way these structures enhance our environment attracting sea life and plant growth over the coming months and years.


Rachel Lopata, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers, a national marine conservation charity, supporting local charity Our Only World, said:


"Our passion lies in championing the marine environment, and Reef Cubes are an exciting possibility as 'building blocks for the ocean’. This project, funded through Sea-Changers and managed locally by Our Only World was made possible through the partnership with Gwynt Glas Floating Offshore Wind Farm.   Our Only World are as committed as we are to marine sustainability and expert at community engagement in this region, they have proved the perfect partner in this project.”


As part of a commitment to raising awareness, the Gwynt Glas project team is also engaging with local schools to educate students about the importance of the marine environment, biodiversity, and renewable energy.


Mark Hazelton said:


“By inspiring the next generation, we hope to foster a deep appreciation for our oceans and encourage future leaders to prioritise their preservation.”


Gwynt Glas Floating Offshore Wind Farm extends its sincere gratitude to Sea-Changers, Our Only World, Falmouth Harbour, and Arc Marine for their support in making this project a reality. It has been a truly collaborative effort.