The Celtic Sea Opportunity

The Celtic Sea lies between Wales and the South West Coast of England. Developments in floating offshore wind technologies mean that deeper waters can be used to harness the power of higher and more consistent wind speeds to create much needed green energy. 

Gwynt Glas Project Overview

investmentGenerating prosperity
Our aim is to develop floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea to generate clean energy and boost regional economic prosperity, while minimising disruption to the natural environment, local communities and sea users.

turbine iconFloating offshore wind
The Celtic Sea is an ideal location for floating offshore wind. Gwynt Glas is conducting initial development activities with the intention of obtaining an Agreement for Lease from The Crown Estate in the first competitive tender, and positioning for further growth in the future.

Zero carbon power to homes
The proposed 1 GW project could provide power for approximately 920,000 homes.*

* Load factors based on the five year rolling averages on unchanged configuration basis using Table 6.5 of 'Digest of UK Energy Statistics' - latest figures as per July 2019 release. Based upon the average domestic electricity consumption per home (temperature corrected) per the Energy Consumption in the UK (published July 2019, Table C9 of ECUK: Consumption data tables).   

Gwynt Glas is Welsh for Blue Wind, in recognition of its Celtic roots. 

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